What We Do

We can help develop your ideas into finished, polished songs. Or co-write a song from scratch. But sometimes all that's needed is a little constructive feedback for a song you have already written.
Often artists will bring us finished songs they perform on guitar or piano and vocals and we lay down the instrumentation understanding the artists' direction and vision. We can provide full professional arrangements for tracks using real instrumentation. Drums, bass, guitars (acoustic & electric), piano, keys, strings & beat construction are all things we love to do
Studio Gear
Rupert Neve 511 Preamps
Rupert Neve 543 Compressors
Apogee Quartet Converter
Logic Pro X
​Waves, Fab Filter &
Sound Toys plugins
Combining the best of analogue and digital recording. We have a large collection of beautiful microphones as well as top analogue pre-amps and compressors to make your recordings sound as beautfiul as they should.

AKG 414s Stereo Pair,
Shure Sm7, & 57s
SE 5s, SE 5600tube,
Astons & a bunch more!
Great mixing alone does not make a great production but it is a vital ingredient for sure. We put in the time and patience to make clear professional mixes of the highest standard. (one of the reasons we dont charge by the hour!) Great mixing - great music, takes time and attention to details. You cant rush it. Aside from mixing the songs we record with artists at our studio we also mix tracks and albums that artists have recorded in their home studios.
Upright Zimmerman piano
Fender tweed blues deluxe
Big collection of vintage guitars (but all lefties!!)
Pearl kit & perussion
Large Collection of Sound Libraries